Birthday bowling party

Spend a fun birthday party in Bowling Diner

Kids Bowling Party (4-12 years)

Kids birthday party can be held any day between 12 and 18.

  • Dining tables decorated with streamer, balloons and other decorates by theme
  • Meal for each kid from the Bowling Diner Kids menu, lemonade, chips, popcorn and other tasty sweets
  • Glow bowling and good music

Price: 19 €/person

With birthday cake 22 €/person

Parents/aldults are resposible to look after kids

The amount of required aldults depends on the size of the birthday group

1-5 kids/1 aldult, 6-10 kids/2 aldults

You can also create your own activities

Kids Disco

"Isku Sali" hall, situated right next to Bowling Diner, is available for kids disco. Price of the rental with disco lights, audio output devices and cleaning will be dealed separately.