Northern Lights Tours in Hankasalmi Observatory

Have you ever thought about how the Northern Lights are actually born? Is it true, that they make sound? Scientists in Hankasalmi Observatory tell you all about it.

Hankasalmi, where Revontuli the Northern Lights Resort is located, has been a center of worldwide Northern Lights research for over 40 years. Now you have a chance to learn about the phenomenon told by the scientists themselves.


Hankasalmi Observatory is located about 15 minutes’ drive from Revontuli Resort, in the middle of a dark countryside, where there is no light pollution around to disturb the Aurora experience. In this small research center, amateur scientist are doing internationally significant Aurora Borealis Research. Besides of observing the Northern Lights with a magnetometer and camera, as the first ones in the whole world, Hankasalmi Observatory is starting to record the possible sounds of the Northern Lights – are they real or not? So far nobody knows for sure…

Next to the Observatory, in the old village school, takes place the Aurora Borealis Exhibition. Your scientist guide will lead you to the phenomenon of the Northern Lights and tell you how Hankasalmi is related to them. You will hear, what the scientist have found out about the possible sounds of the Auroras so far – a few might have even succeed to record them…

In the Observatory guests will be introduced to All Sky Camera, which is capturing pictures of the Northern Lights to be seen online all around the world. When the sky is clear, you may watch the stars with the telescope assisted by your guide.

Tour price:

58 € / person (the price is applicable groups 6-12 persons)

including guiding and hot refreshments in the observatory.

Transfer not included.

Observatory visits are possible year-round. However, we recommend to take the tour in dark evening times (autumn/winter/spring) to get the most out of the experience.

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