The lakeside Saunas of Revontuli Resort can be also booked for private use. Smoke sauna and electric Loitsu Sauna with own fireplace lounges are perfect for groups’ social evenings. Laguna Summer Saunas are a great option for families.


Smoke Sauna is a traditional Finnish Sauna type without a chimney. When the sauna stove is heated, the smoke spreads inside the sauna, making the seats and walls sooty black and leaving a nice smoky smell in the sauna room. The smoke is let out through a vent before the sauna goers enter the sauna.

Smoke Sauna is the heart of the Revontuli Resort’s Sauna Trail. It is the biggest of the saunas and is suitable for groups up to 30 people. Dressing rooms and showers are separately for women and men. Outside of the sauna, there is a hot tub, from where you can enjoy the lake view. From the dock you may have a refreshing dip in the lake year-round – in winter the ice is kept open for ice-swimming.

For chilling out after sauna, we also recommend to book Virmas Villa fireplace lounge next to the smoke sauna. Delicious sauna menus can also be booked in the lounge.


Smoke sauna and hot tub 550 € / 3 hours

Extra hours 100 € / hour

the price includes towels, soap, shampoo and slippers to borrow. There are also swimming suits to borrow, but own swimming suit is recommended.

Virmas Villa fireplace lounge rental + 250 €

Please note, that Virmas Villa Fireplace lounge is a restaurant area. Own drinks are not permitted.

Virtual Tour in Smoke Sauna


The word Loitsu means a “spell” in Finnish. Throughout the history, Finns have believed in the healing power of sauna. In the old days, sauna was a holy place and löyly, the sauna steam, was the Spirit of Sauna. Löyly deserved many spells – it was greeted, praised and asked to heal in different spells. Book Loitsu Sauna and experience its feisty löyly around!

Loitsu Sauna has two saunas with electric stoves. Both saunas has own dressing rooms and showers, and they can fit up to 15 persons altogether. On the sauna terrace there is a hot tub with lake view. In front of the sauna building there is an own dock, from where you can dip in the refreshing lake throughout the year. In winter the ice has a hole for ice-swimming.

Depending on your own wish, you can go to sauna and lake naked or in swimming suit. Please wear swimming suit in the hot tub.

Next to the saunas, there is a fireplace lounge for chilling out after having a sauna. We also recommend to enjoy a relaxed dinner and book one of the sauna menus in the fireplace lounge.


Loitsu Sauna 500 € / 3 hours

including 2 saunas with own showers and dressing rooms, outdoor hot tub, fireplace lounge, towels, soap, shampoo, wellness products and slippers to borrow. Please take your own swimming suit if you wish to use it in the sauna.

Extra hours 80 € / hour

Virtual Tour in Loitsu Sauna


Tent sauna is the gentlest of the saunas on the Sauna Trail. The heat is soft, and when throwing buckets of water on the stove, the sauna turns into a real steam bath. The steam has many good impacts for your physical health. It helps breathing and makes your muscles relaxed. Gentle sauna stretching based on yoga movements is also organized in the tent sauna. Read more about Wellbeing Sauna Trail.

Tent sauna can be booked as an extra with Smoke Sauna or Loitsu Sauna. It is located between them on the Sauna Trail and it doesn’t have own dressing rooms or showers. You can go to the sauna naked, in your swimming suit or towel, however you prefer.


Tent sauna as an extra with another sauna +200€


Laguna Family Saunas with electric stoves can be booked for families’ or friends’ private use. Saunas are located by the lake, on a child-friendly beach with natural sand. The hot tub on the sauna terrace can be booked for extra fee.

There are two Laguna Saunas with own dressing rooms and showers. One sauna fits about 4-5 persons at once. Saunas can be booked year-round, but in winter please note, that the dressing rooms are not heated. On the sauna terrace there is an outdoor hot tub with lake view, that can be booked for extra fee.


Laguna Sauna on Public turns

Public Sauna turns on Laguna Saunas are included in our Pampering Holiday Packages (available in glass igloos and hotel rooms). Public turns are running on the summer season daily at 18-22. Based on availability, sauna tickets are also sold for other guests for 20 € / persons. Please ask the availability from the reception.

Laguna Sauna World for private use

250 € / 2,5 hours / 10 persons

+ 20 € / extra persons (max. 30 persons)

50 € / extra hour

incl. two electric Laguna-saunas with dressing rooms and showers, out door hot tub on the terrace, pre-heated igloo sauna with wood-burning stove, towels and seat covers.

continuous igloo sauna heating service + 100 €

Private turns are available on the summer season daily at 10.00-17.30 and on Wednesdays 10.00 – 23.30.

Laguna Family Sauna Turns

one sauna for private use 50 € / 1,5 hours

one sauna for private use + outdoor hot tub as a shared use with another sauna 100 € / 1,5 hours

incl. towels and seat covers.

Family sauna truns are available on the summer season daily at 10.00-17.30 and on Wednesdays 10.00 – 23.30.

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