Open Sauna Nights

Once or twice a week, our Sauna Trail will warm up for everyone's use. The Open Sauna Night includes the use of the smoke sauna, tent sauna and an outdoor hot tub. The electric Spell Sauna and its hot tub are also available, when they are not reserved for private use. In between saunas, you can have a dip in a fresh lake water - even when it's covered with ice!

Open Sauna Nights will be announced on this page and in our Facebook page about 1-3 weeks in advance.

The upcoming Sauna nights are:

Thursday 18.4. at 16-20

Saturday 20.4. at 16-20

Saturday 27.4. at 17-21

Wednesday 8.5. at 17-21

Wednesday 3.7.2019 at 16-20 as a part of Sauna Region Week.

Sauna fees:

12 € / adult

6 € / child (4-12 years)

The fee will be paid in the reception. Please take your own towel and swimming suit with you.