Sauna Menus

There is no better way to enjoy a relaxing after-sauna moment than with delicious food and refreshing drinks. The menus will be served in the lounges next to saunas.

Loitsu Snacks

  • Smoked vendace and fresh cheese on rye crackers
  • Pickled chanterelles
  • Cold-salted salmon on traditional barley bread
  • Game sausage with potato salad
  • Sea-buckthorn-onion compote and smoked pork belly
  • Cold-smoked salmon salad and lemon vinaigrette
  • Chicken caesar salad and herb-baguette

28 € / person

Menu I - Wraps

  • taco-seasoned minced meat
  • tomato, lettuce, rocket salad, red onion, pickled cucumber, melon, corn, jalapeños
  • grated cheese, cheddar sauce, Salsa sauce, Buffalo mayo

22 € / person (max 20 persons)

Menu II

  • Caesar salad with shrimps
  • Fruity green salad and passion vinaigrette
  • Mozzarella-pesto chicken
  • roasted capers and tomatoes
  • Rice with fresh herbs
  • Lime-mascarpone mousse and strawberry melba

29 € / person

Menu III

  • Green salad
  • Fresh-salted salmon with cognac seasoning and mustard sauce
  • Cold-smoked whitefish mousse
  • Beef tenderloin and bacon sauce
  • Root vegetables from the oven
  • Creamed potatoes with garlic
  • Raspberry-chocolate-vanilla trifle

39 € / person