Chasing Northern Lights and River Diamonds

This is an unforgettable trip into Finnish nature. We go chase river diamonds with our cameras in the Konnevesi rapids. The next night, we chase Auroras(1) on Lake Virmas. We also go hiking in the wintery forest and scale Hyyppäänvuori, where you can enjoy the silence of our clean nature covered in white snow. We'll visit the Sirius Observatory in Hankasalmi, where we learn facts and fiction about the Northern Lights, space and stars.

You'll also have a chance to try different kinds of relaxing saunas at the Revontuli Resort (smoke sauna, tent sauna, spell sauna).

WINTER (November - March)

Duration: 3 nights



  • double hotel room 799 € / person
  • cottage for 2 person 979 € / person
  • cottage for 3 person 896 € / person
  • cottage for 4 person 846 € / person
  • igloo for 2 person 1195 € / person
  • igloo for 3 person 1098 € / person
  • igloo for 4 person 979 €/ person

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Northern Lights

(1) As much as we wish we could magically control the light displays in the sky, we cannot guarantee that you will see auroras (northern lights).