Summer by the Lake

Do as the Finns do, and rent a summer cottage by a lake where you can swim in clean waters, enjoy a spot of fishing, take to the waters on a rowing boat, relax by the pier, and pick berries and mushrooms in the surrounding woods.

Stay in a cozy and comfortable cottage next to peaceful nature and Lake Iso-Virmas, available all year round.
All of our services can be found nearby: à la carte restaurant, bowling & diner, sauna world, golf, disc golf, beach etc.



Cottage for 1-6 persons

1 night 165 €
2 nights 330 €
125 € for each additional night
800 € per week

All sky Aurora Igloos

Igloo for 2 persons 270 € / night, including breakfast

Igloo for 4 persons 295 € /night, including breakfast

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Couple on a rowing boat