The Story Behind Our Name

The Northern Lights in Hankasalmi

According to the satellite observations, Hankasalmi is one of the darkest areas in southern Finland, so on bright nights it is worth gazing into the sky, because every fourth night during the dark period of the year you can see northern lights (’revontulet’ in Finnish). Due to this, the Finnish Meteorological Institute has conducted research on Aurora Borealis in Hankasalmi for 40 years.

Functioning in Hankasalmi, Cutlass Aurora radar is a part of the global SuperDARN radar network.

We cannot guarantee that you can see the northern lights during your stay but we can give you lots of information and stories about this magnificent phenomenon.

The northern lights are connected to many interesting beliefs and magical stories, which you might learn about during your stay at Revontuli -The Northern Lights Resort.