The Northern Lights Sauna Trail


Catch the soul of sauna in the Northern Lights Sauna Trail. You will get familiar with three different kind of Finnish sauna: traditional smoke sauna, modern electric sauna and special tent sauna. Sauna is a perfect place for overall wellbeing. On our Northern Lights Sauna Trail you are allowed to slow down and enjoy the silence, so that your body will relax, your mind can calm down and your spirit may energize itself.

On our special guided Sauna Trail you will learn about the ancient mythology of the Finns, their beliefs and sauna traditions. You will learn how to make a special sauna spell as well as how to call for Northern Lights. You will also learn about the sauna in the 21st century Finland and experience the health benefits of sauna during the sauna procedure.

Location: Revontuli – The Northern Lights Resort

Theme: Sauna Experience

Duration: 2 nights

Price: 425 € / person

What´s included: Accommodation in cabin (or hotelroom if wanted), breakfasts,

The Northern Lights Sauna Trail -experience for 3 hours, special sauna dinner

Supplements: lunch, dinner

Availability: all year

Pax: 4-20

More info: Booking: on line reservation

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