Experience Finnish Sauna

Enjoy the authentic Finnish Spirit in our lakeside Sauna Trail certified by Sauna from Finland -society. On the Sauna Trail, you may enjoy the soft heat of traditional Smoke Sauna, the moisture of steamy Sauna Tent and a little feisty heat of electric Loitsu Sauna. In between saunas, enjoy the bubbles of the outdoor hot tub or have a dip in a fresh lake.

Open Sauna Nights are held on the Sauna Trail 1-2 times a week, when saunas are on a public use. For groups, Revontuli offers guided sauna programmes Wellbeing Sauna Trail and The Northern Lights Sauna Trail. Saunas can also be booked for private use. After sauna, book a cozy fireplace lounge for your group and enjoy a relaxing dinner - choose the menu from our Sauna Menu Options.

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