Comfort Zone in The Finnish Lakeland

Summer Activities

Clear-blue lake and green forests offer beautiful landscapes for many summer activities in Revontuli Resort. Summer activities are available from spring to autumn, some of them throughout the year. Enjoy the long summer days and book your favourite activities in Revontuli Resort here!

Peaceful canoeing tour on the clear-blue lake or adventurous fatbike safari on the hilly forest paths? Summer in Finnish Lakeland offers multiple ways to enjoy the nature. Choose your favourites below and book them in advance for your summer holiday.

Lake Activities

On the lake Iso-Virmas you may enjoy a beautiful Finnish lake scenery by canoeing, rowing or stand-up paddling. Book a guided tour or rent equipment for an independent adventure.


Canoeing Tour on The Lake Iso-Virmas

Canoeing is a great way to enjoy the beautiful Finnish lake scene. On this tour you will learn the basics of canoeing while enjoying the surrounding nature and the silence around you. The length of the route is around 8-10 km, depending on the groups’ experience and wish. The tour starts and ends in Revontuli Resort.

Available: May-September
Duration: 2 hours
Included: canoes and life vests, guiding, insurance
Group size: 4-26 persons
Clothing: comfortable clothing according to the weather

Price: €65 per person

Canoes can be rented also for independent tours. The rental includes life vests.

Price: €35 for 2 hours (additional hours + €10 per hour)

Stand-Up Paddling

Stand-up paddling has become very popular way to spend warm summer days in Finland. With a wetsuit, SUP-season can be started already in spring and continued until late autumn. Stand-up paddling is easy to learn; with 1,5 hour you will already get familiar with the basics and make a nice tour on the beautiful lake scenery of the lake Iso-Virmas.

Availability: May-September
Duration: 1,5 hours (30 min preparing & introduction + 1 hour stand-up paddling)
Included: stand-up paddle, guiding, insurance, wetsuits in colder days.
Group size: 2-10 persons
Clothing: pants/shorts and a t-shirt that stands getting wet, or a swimming suit. In colder weather wetsuits are included.

Price: 65 € / person

€25 for an hour
€35 for 2 hours
€45 for 4 hours

Water Bikes

Go to a cycling trip on lake Iso-Virmas! Water cycling is a fun form of exercise and also a great way to move on the water. Four adult water bicycles available for rent. Life vests included in the rental price.

€25 per hour


Rowing is not only a nice way to explore the lake nature, but also a great exercice. Rowing boat can be rented for independent use, but our staff gladly helps you with the right rowing technique. Life vests included in the rental price. The boat fits 3-4 persons at once.

€10 per hour

Fishing Tours

Fishing Boat Tour

EräsPete is a professional fishing guide with a great knowledge of the best fishing lakes. He will lead you to the greatest fishing spots in Hankasalmi with his small fishing boat. During the tour you may enjoy the beautiful lake views while waiting the big catch!

Available: June-August
Duration: 3 hours
Included: fishing equipment and boat, life vests, fishing permit, guiding, insurance
Group size: 1-4 persons
Clothing: according to the weather

Price: €390 per group. Transfers on agreement.
For extra fee: meal during the tour, dinner prepared from the caught fish by the chef


Fishing In The Rapids

Fishing day by the rapids is a memorable experience. In the rapids you may catch trout, graylings and perches – if you wish, you will get your catch back gutted, ready to be prepared! You may even ask the chef to cook your fish.

Availability: May-September
Duration: 5 hours
Included: fishing equipment, life vests, fishing permit, guiding, insurance, campfire coffee/tea
Group size: 2-10 persons
Clothing: outdoor clothing according to the weather

Price: €130 per person
For extra fee: meal during the tour, dinner prepared from the caught fish by the chef


Other Summer time activities

Disc Golf

There are two 9-basket disc golf courses at our Resort. One of which is beginner-friendly, and the other is more challenging. You can get a map at the reception.

You can borrow discs from the reception for a deposit of 20 €.
You can also get acquainted with the secrets of disc golf on a guided tour

€30 per hour, including VAT. 

minigolf aktiviteetti


You’ll also find a mini golf course close to the hotel. Usage of the course is free. Mini golf balls and clubs can be rented from the reception.

Adults: €5
Children (under 12 years old): €2.50


Next to the tennis court and mini golf course, there are 2 outdoor trampolines that are freely available for use at no charge.


In our area, there is a 9-hole foot golf course. You can use the course for free. You can borrow a foot golf ball from the reception for a deposit of €20. The course follows the same path as the disc golf course in the area.


Next to the mini golf course, there is an asphalt tennis court. The use of the court is free. Tennis rackets and balls can be rented from the reception for a fee of €5 per hour per person (includes racket and balls).

Outdoor Games

In addition to cabin stays and sauna, it’s enjoyable to engage in outdoor games. We offer Mölkky, petanque, and volleyball. You can borrow these games from the reception at no charge, with a €10 deposit.