About Us

Revontuli – The Northern Lights Resort is a year-round comfort zone located in Central Finland. With us you get to unwind, relax or get wild. Surrounded by beautiful lake scenery and nature, Revontuli is a perfect place for a vacation.

Distance to nearby cities:

Jyväskylä 40 km

Kuopio100 km

You can find all necessary services (grocery stores, petrol stations, beauty salons etc.) also within Hankasalmi municipality, should you not need shopping centers or speciality services whilst visiting us.


The name of Revontuli – which translates to Northern Lights – has its roots in Hankasalmi being part of international northern lights research since 1975. One of the Meteorological Institution’s research stations for detecting northern lights activity is located in Hankasalmi.

When visiting us during winter there’s a great chance you will get to see northern lights flashing in the sky. However, there are no guarantees of those.


Revontuli is a family owned business that focuses on wellbeing of visitors.

What used to be a motel has evolved into a resort with plenty of activities and options to take a break to unwind. Our theme, wellbeing, is reflected in everything we do from home cooked food to various activities and accommodation options we offer. Our goal is to turn Revontuli into internationally recognized destination of wellness and wellbeing tourism.

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